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2.4″ Serial:UART/I2C/SPI IPS Super TFT LCD 320×240 Display Module for Arduino Rasp PI and more

Document link: Item description link: Did you: 1, Hate to write code to drive TFT LCD? 2, Don't have enough I/O pins to connect with LCD?

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Document link:
Item description link:
Did you:
1, Hate to write code to drive TFT LCD?
2, Don’t have enough I/O pins to connect with LCD?
3, Don’t have enough memory in your MCU to store FONT data?
4, Have special characters to display?
This module is your solution, it has: 3 communication mode + 7 preloaded Fonts + Graphic Engine +4 Upload-able Fonts, will save lots of memory space and I/O resource on your project, with the easy remember commands or Arduino lib, you can use it in couple of minutes! Draw character/line/circle/rectangle just cost less than 10 bytes of memory!
.Wide voltage working range: 2.5V to 7.5V, fit all 3.3V and 5V application.
.Only need 1 to 3 I/O pins from your master controller.
.Embedded 7 preloaded fonts, and also have 16KB memory space for your user fonts, once you uploaded the start screen or user fonts, it will stored in products.
.Easy to use: the commands sending to products are easy to remember and understand.
.Using user fonts function, you can display any graphs or characters in any language.
.Integrated graphic functions such as: draw line/rectangle/circle/image, send few bytes of instruction to products, it will do it for you, that also save your lots of code space.
.Can display contents in 4 different directions: 0º, 90º, 180º, 270º(clockwise) on same screen, the product will map the coordinate accordingly.
Download Programing
Download Arduino lib and demo
2.4 Inch, IPS(Better than TFT) 320xRGBx240 pixels
Select UART, I2C or SPI mode by jumpers on PCB
7 pre-loaded Fonts and uploadable user fonts
User manual + Arduino Lib and Demo Code, ship by epacked, arrive in 2 weeks
2.5V to 7.5V wide range of power supply












Digole Digital Solutions


Digole Digital Solutions








Digole Digital Solutions


Digole Digital Solutions





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