Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard Controlled by Handhold Wireless Remote and Support Bluetooth Connection to Smart Phone APP


How does Airwheel M3 work? It is electric powered, and controlled by a handhold wireless remote. Slide the remote forward to go forward and accelerate, hold the remote to keep

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How does Airwheel M3 work?

It is electric powered, and controlled by a handhold wireless remote. Slide the remote forward to go forward and accelerate, hold the remote to keep a constant speed, and slide backward to decelerate and brake. The electric skateboard will respond to the riders’ shift of body weight, similar to the regular one, to turn left or right.


Max speed: 20kmph

Top range: around 20km(will affected by riders’ weight, riding skills, speed, road, etc)

Top Incline: 15 degree

Charge Time: 120min

Unit Weight: 11.55kg

Max Load: 100kg

Battery Type: Sony Lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity: 162.8Wh

Tire diameter: 4.5 inch

Motor: rear wheel motor

Deck: sturdy composite materials maple deck with grip tape

Work Temperature:-10°C~40°C(best at 20~30°C)

Waterproof: No

Main Features:

Independent Double Circuits and Double Control Chip for More Reliable Performance

Support Bluetooth Connection to Smart Phone APP

Support 180 Degree Direction Switch by Remote Controller

Build-in Damper Masses

All Terrain Rubber Tires

Product Warranty(Exclusive for purchases from “Official Airwheel Store” only

Airwheel M3 are sturdy enough to take abuses in training and daily use; Covered by full warranty: 1-Year for the whole unit excluding tires and batteries, 6-month for batteries, 1-month for tires. 

Packaging Including:

Separated M3 parts, assembling being required

One Wireless Remote Controller

Two remote batteries

One US Charger

English Manual

Guarantee Card

Experience the excitement of SURFING right outside your door, for anyone, at anytime
Expertise in regular skateboarding is a plus but not necessary, everyone can master it right away
An optimized skateboarding experience, riders can focus on carving and steering instead of push-kick to keep the longboard moving
The skateboard is bidirectional , means it can head either forward or backward by simply switching the direction button on the remote .
Featured with bigger All Terrain Rubber Tires and Built-in Damper Masses, the combination of which enables more durability, more stability and stronger anti-skid capacity








Official Airwheel Store


Official Airwheel Store






Official Airwheel Store


Official Airwheel Store

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