Electric Soldering Gun “QUICK HOT” 30-130W / 110V

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This soldering gun is a very convenient tool to have in your supply box for quick fixes and standard project work. There's no time wasted waiting for this gun to

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This soldering gun is a very convenient tool to have in your supply box for quick fixes and standard project work. There’s no time wasted waiting for this gun to heat up and you can select between high and low heat settings, with no preheating required to swap into the high heat setting. The iron has a stainless steel build with dual-power ceramic heating that runs on a 110V power supply. Replace any 30W-130W iron with the vtsg130nu and you will be pleased with the energy and time saving results. Features:
dual-power ceramic heater: 30 and 130W,
2 heating positions: instant heating in “Hi”-position is 10 x quicker than heating in “Lo”-setting,
requires less time preheating in “Hi” position,
remark: do not use the soldering gun in the “Hi” position for longer than 30 seconds,
spare bit: BITC30DPN

power supply: 110V
This soldering gun for fast heat application consists of stainless steel and is equipped with a dual-power ceramic heating element.
The VTSG130N is a rugged-looking soldering device of exemplary quality.
It saves energy and can replace every iron with a supply current from 30W to 130W.
Ideal for standard soldering work.
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