ResQ Camera Module + Acrylic Enclosure


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What it does:

ResQ Cam module  is triggered to capture a still image when a new MAC address (search target) is detected by ResQ. The Camera module wakes up from deep-sleep (very low current consumption), captures still image(s) of the area when a new target is detected, then goes back in to deep sleep to reduce power consumption.


  • ResQ Camera expansion Module programmed with ResQ CAM firmware & RST wire soldered on for you
  • Acrylic case

This module requires you to connect the RST line (wire I solder on for you in this kit) to RESQ D0 (Camera port D0 on PCB)

You must also connect GND to the ResQ Camera port GND pin

You also need to power this module with 5VDC which cannot come from the ResQ as the camera module requires its own supply

You need to supply your own microSD card for image storage

You can change the camera settings such as white balance, resolution etc by editing the Arduino Sketch I provide in the ResQ Github Repo and uploading your changes to the ESP32 with the settings also provided in the user manual and on GitHub

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