Alexa Controlled ESP8266 Relay Kit

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DIY home automation CHEAP using the amazon Alexa voice service and a few parts!

Kit Contains:

  • Wemos D1 Mini micro controller (not programmed)
  • 1 Channel Relay
  • Wires

Full tutorial on how to use a cheap Wemos D1 Mini wifi board to control anything in your home with the Amazon Alexa enabled Echo Dot device. Using the Arduino IDE (programming environment) you just need to import the Wemos D1 Mini support then follow this video.

Control Nearly ANYTHING with Alexa for under $10! 👍 – YouTube

After complete just hit upload and your devices (lights 1 through 4) will appear in the Amazon Alexa Device manager for control. Its that easy! Follow my relay video for explanation of how they work and how to hook things up for control such as lights, motors, etc.

FauxMo Code/libraries: https://bitbucket.org/xoseperez/fauxmoesp

Parts from Amazon should you want to buy individually yourself:

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