ESP8266 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Monitoring DIY Kit

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EASY wireless temperature and humidity monitor with an ESP8266 board and DHT11 Temperature sensor.

Kit Contains:

  • ESP8266 ESP12E micro controller (not programmed)
  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Wires

*No enclosure is included

*This ESP8266 board has much more I/O available for expanding your project with more sensors, outputs etc.  Have Fun!

This project uses the ESP8266 to sample the temperature and humidity in my 3D printer filament box. See the full video here: DIY Wireless Temp & Humidity Monitor With Text & Email Alerts – YouTube

It logs on to WIFI and sends the data to IFTTT.com which allows you to do anything you like such as sending an email, text message, post to Twitter etc. It then goes back in to “deep-sleep” mode for the time you specify (1 day in my case). Then wakes up and sends a new status message.

Full code, forum support and 3D printable case here: http://mkme.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1117

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