Makertoyz Inventor Pack Limited Edition

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Great gift for makers, inventors and hobbyists.  Only 20 available and they are GONE!

This kit is hand-picked and tested by me.  I never knew how great it would be to carry a small and reliable flashlight- it will change your life! This small kit helps me do small tasks and saves a ton of grief when building projects.  When inspiration strikes me, I can jot down my project ideas in the field notepad and make small adjustments through the day.  I find there is no substitute for pen and paper- it is much more inspiring and iterative than my phone apps.

The long tubular style flashlight fits perfect in the side of a front pocket without falling sideways or causing a bulge.  The pocket clip stops it from shifting and can also be used to hold in a shirt or cargo pocket.

Gear Included

  • Extreme White LED Flashlight (requires 2 AAA)
  • Folding pocketknife
  • Pocket field note pad with saddle stitched binding
  • Pocket size stainless steel ball point pen

NOT Included:

  • Batteries
  • Cool invention ideas


  • The knife is not a lockblade and this was by design, so it is easy to open and close quickly for daily tasks
  • The LED flashlight is VERY bright- Don’t point in your eyes.  Seriously, I warned you.
  • Construction is anodized aluminum with stainless steel components.
  • The LED flashlight lasts me several weeks on a charge of Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries https://amzn.to/3V917xx
  • Carrying the pen inside pant pockets not recommended due to stabby
  • Keeping your knife OR flashlight in the same pocket as your phone is not recommended- The flashlight or knife will definitely win in a fight with your phone.  Seriously.
  • You can also clip your knife to your belt loops or any backpack etc.


  1. Clean the shipping oil from your new knife so you don’t slip
  2. Lay everything out and tag me in a picture!  @mkmeorg

Let me know your feedback on just how often you use the flashlight and knife when you start carrying them. I bet you love it and wonder how you ever lived without.

Packs 1 through 10 are extremely special with an extra gift and unique identifier only available on the first 10 units  

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in

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